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Narcolepsy Diet and Food Habits Effect on Narcolepsy

What is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a disease that causes serious sleeping disorders to rise to the surface. At any time (especially during the day) narcolepsy victims experience sleep attack. Irrespective of time and place the sleep attack creates an embarrassing situation. Most Narcolepsy patients are depressed and hesitate to join in at any social or family events. This sleeping disorder can be threat for their professional life too. However, with more improved medical treatments and other therapies it is quite easy to heal diseases like cancer and others. Just a few changes in lifestyle and other practices can dramatically help to restore normalcy in a patient’s life.

Find out if you really suffer from Narcolepsy

A Narcoleptic patient has to go through two different levels of testing. This is the basic diagnosis of Narcolepsis. At the first level you go through a kind of Sonography. Polysogram is the first level. During this test more than two dozen electrodes are attached to different part of the body like nose, hand, abdomen and others. They transfer data to polysonogrph that records all the information. This helps the experienced professionals to diagnose the disease properly.

In the second level, the test will be on MLST or multiple sleep latency. This particular tool is used to record the time gap of daytime naps.

If you experience the effects of a sleeping disorder frequently, don’t ignore those symptoms. Often people consider them as general symptoms and later face severe difficulties in personal and professional life. When you have the option to prevent it, then why not start as soon as possible.

Take care of your food habits

For Narcoleptics, it is not good to drink alcohol. It is kind of depressant that weakens the nervous system and creates feelings of drowsiness. Therefore, for better sleep when it is an appropriate time to do so, it is best to avoid alcohol or any nicotine.

There are several side effects of sleepless nights. If you are not able to sleep properly at night, you won’t be able to work properly or concentrate on anything; this can result in other serious symptoms. Good sleep can enhance the working capacity of your brain. Thus don’t suppress it with alcohol or other intoxicants and try to sleep peacefully at night.

Not only does alcohol or caffeine affect sleep, but there are also specific dietary habits that can have a long-term effect on your sleep. Your food habits require changes if you experience sleeping disorder symptoms on a frequent basis. High protein or high-energy foods are good for those who suffer from the condition. It is also best to avoid junks or spicy food. This type of food affects the metabolism and the digestive system of your body and can result in Narcolepsy attacks. Try to eat a heavy meal at least five hours before you go to sleep. Don’t exercise after a heavy meal. If you can walk for fifteen or twenty minutes after your meals, it would definitely help you to sleep well at night. Drink water after an hour or two of eating food. You can also consult a nutritionist to get suggestions on a better, more helpful diet.

Many Narcoleptic people wake up at night to have something and they can’t sleep again until they eat. This is why majority of Narcoleptics end up gaining weight. When they wake up between sleep cycles, they are totally oblivious what had happened before. Still, a clue from the kitchen can help them to remember the whole scenario. It is not that they are hungry or they have the appetite to eat something. People facing this issue should try to stay away from food when they don’t need it. It won’t be very easy to avoid it at an advanced stage. Often you will fail to control the situation. Still if you try it now, you are bound to succeed once a positive habit has been formed.

Change your sleeping habit

As it is has been said earlier, sleeping disorders are the primary symptom of Narcolepsy. To prevent sleep attacks, a good, deep sleep at night is very important. After a certain time at night, forget all your office works or any other issues, no matter how important they are. If you want a productive morning, utilize the night. Try to sleep and awake at the same time every day. Sleep in dark and quiet room. For better sleep, try something that relaxes you. Drinking lukewarm milk or bathing in a warn tub before going to bed are some things worth mentioning. Narcolepsy patients can’t sleep for a long time at a stretch. In order to sleep properly, take a break of twenty minute. If it still doesn’t work, then read some books or magazines until you feel sleepy.

A daytime nap is good relief for Narcoleptics. Plan your daytime schedule so that you can get at least 15 to 20 minutes to take a nap. To avoid sleeping frequently during office hours, daytime napping is the best alternative, and some work environments may even have areas that would be convenient and discreet for taking a quick catnap while on break.

Regular exercise is good for Narcoleptics

Don’t forget to exercise regularly. It is well known that many Narcoleptics have been helped by yoga and other exercise forms. If you find it difficult to exercise, a brisk walk in the morning can be of great help. Exercise or walking increases the body strength and improves the metabolism of your body. Thus you can remain active during the day and enjoy a sound sleep at night.

Narcolepsy is not an incurable disease. If you can change your lifestyle, you can soon come out of it and you can also go for medication and natural therapies to get added relief. There are several holistic practices available that can help too. No matter what method you follow, practice it properly. Listen to what your doctor or mentor or nutritionist advises you, and don’t try to do it all on your own.

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